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Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming Salon in Marikina, Philippines.

Dubbed as Marikina City’s first Hello Kitty-themed spa & slimming salon, the innovative beauty center is strategically located at No. 1 Carmine St. corner Sapphire St. SSS Village, Concepcion 2.

The novel concept behind Momsie Kitty Spa & Slimming Salon resulted from the love and passion of Ms. Mae Lindo, Department Head of Accountancy at Trinity University of Asia by profession, to the one and only “Hello Kitty”. Everything you will see inside were inspired with Hello Kitty design starting from the color of the wall, door design, the pink couch, and even the counter area. For male clients, there is the “Daniel Room,” named after Daniel, Kitty’s best friend since childhood who later became her boyfriend.

Incidentally, the name of the establishment was also inspired by Ms. Mae’s students who fondly addresses her as Momsie in appreciation of her scholarly and motherly attention to their studies.

The spa is managed by Ms. Jacqueline Reyes which is also an Admin Manager of Manpower Agency at Valenzuela City together with her goddaughter Ms. Gia Lindo, a 3rd year Business Administration Student at Trinity University of Asia and the daughter of Momsie.

Everyone is invited to attend the Momsie Kitty Spa & Slimming Salon on its grand opening day and avail of VIP Cards which can be use to get discount on all services. 

For busy bees, Momsie Kitty Spa & Slimming Salon also offers home services. 

For reservation and inquiries please call 0927.7780.179, 0939.6213.779 and 0923.1668.392.

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